#Invest for self

​: “Sell Everything” – RBS telling people on 11 Jan 2016 😡😷

Returns since…✔

Oil: +47%

EM: +18%

S&P 500: +11%

US High Yield: +10%

RBS:  -43%


Believe it or not : 40 year Japanese  govt bond since the start of the year is up by 50.7 percent in yen terms. If one was an unhedged dollar investors one would have made a 77.7 percent return and if one was unhedged GBP investor one would have made 97.2 percent: and all in under 6 months

Looking green everywhere 

Where is BREXIT ???


Indonesia – Jakarta index 52 week high.. First to hit 52week high post Brexit..

Top Country ETFs YTD…

Peru $EPU: +52%

Brazil $EWZ: +45%

Colombia $GXG: +22%

Argentina $ARGT: +22%

Russia $ERUS: +21%

Thailand $THD: +20%

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