I Fly Away…..

Our Ride Story to Ladakh

Watch “Land of Passes” on YouTube – https://youtu.be/Ptxqu7hDHMI

2015, July 1st fortnight.

Since I bought my Maiden Bullet (Thunder Bird 350 cc), The goal of riding were Defined

The sheer meaning of Ride was becoming more bold & Attractive to me.

My Maiden ride at Little Rann of Kutch (Gujarat), crystallized the definition of being oneself, Be Original, Be Yourself!!
Since than till July 2015, Ride To Leh -Ladakh was my personal goal.

Not to conquer, but to challenge myself, but to keep myself energised, passionate & disciplined.

Thanks to @Anshuman Naik from Motorcycle India, for making it possible. He made it look simple. No complications. Just Ride & Live !!

Along with our Riding Character’s

Yash – Maharaaj
Jay – Mama
Mitesh – T-series
Chirag – MBA
Nimesh – Jiyalaa
Vishal – Yeti
Priyanka – Portable
Shivangi – Ginie
Jahanvi – Joravar
Vipul – Saboo
Sagar – Chhote
Nikhil – Happysingh
Marmik – Verbal diarrhea
Kuldeep – Ashok – Mr. india
Madhu – Sleep, Eat, Ride
Maithilee – Teachers
Mayur – Mrs. Wala
Jishnu – vis (20) nu





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